Supplemental Table 1 | Sample information

Samples from 13 black bears were used in this study. A sample from a single male bear (JAX001) was used to sequence and assemble the initial draft genome.

Supplemental Table 2 | Raw read filtering statistics Illumina for JAX001

Supplemental Table 3 | Raw read filtering statistics PacBio for JAX001

Supplemental Table 4 | Details of the assembled sequence length for JAX001

Supplemental Table 5 | Summary of RNA-Seq Sequencing and quality control

Supplemental Table 6 | Summary of differentially expressed genes

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Supplemental Table 7 | Summary of genome sequencing and quality control

Supplemental Table 8 | Summary of coding transcripts with RNA-editing.

Editing was observed in all 12 samples except for ZNF688 in which we only observed editing in the spring samples. Sites indicated in bold were confirmed with Sanger sequencing of the RNA transcript.